Hosting a Buttermilk Road Sunday Supper


We have been graciously invited into some of the loveliest and warmest homes in Nashville and throughout the South (Birmingham, New Orleans) to host a private Buttermilk Road Supper. We’ve shared in birthday celebrations, holiday parties and intimate two person engagements that have damn near made us tear up and weep with the pure sweetness of it. We’ve also used private residences for our public Buttermilk Road Sunday Suppers – it’s been such a wonderful thing to watch this idea of bringing people together over food for a small, intimate gathering grow some serious wings and take off across the Southeast. I’m honored to be at the helm of this ship. buttermilkoctober-69

Our services vary, but at the heart of each occasion is BMR’s credo to bring some good food to a thoughtfully collected group of folks. Essentially, It would work a little like this: you would contact me and we would discuss available upcoming dates, available seating, and kitchen availability in your home. If you are interested in hosting a public BMR event, I would create a menu and a price and publish a reservation button online. As host, you would have two complimentary seats at supper and we would open up early reservations 24hours early for your friends and family via private email. We would then, in the true spirit of Buttermilk Road and it’s community centered  purpose, open reservations up to the rest of our community to fill any seats left unclaimed.buttermilkoctober-15

If you are interested in hosting a fully private party with a menu of your choosing, we can do just about any ol’ thing you like. Please contact me privately at